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Angel's Fly High Cheerful Givers

Important things to Donate to the Needy 






Angel's Fly High come together to practice prayer, fasting and giving—and by doing so we help lift those in need out of poverty and put them on a path toward resilience, prosperity and stability. 

There are many people all across the world that does not have proper clothes to wear. Lack of clothes causes them a lot of illness and other sufferings. Well, summer wear or winter clothes must be donated to the needy so that they may cover themselves and live their life in a good manner. Clothing donation has been considered as the best way of helping out those in need. This donation serves a great difference in the lives of the poor.

Shoes, slippers, and sandals are very common in use for a general man. This is again a good thing to help pitiable with footwear. Many poor children have difficulties walking miles to school or for food and water without any protection over their foot. So instead of throwing used footwear in dustbin give it to the needy. Or make a donation for new shoes as a gift. Even a little damaged slippers or shoes must also be donated because something for them is better than nothing.

It is only books which can change and build our nation. People and especially children face many difficulties due to illiteracy. Many organizations or awareness programs are working to the height to educate the needy. Books on the other hand play their own vital role in many aspects of life. Parents who cannot educate their children, if given books, they may fulfill their wishes. Books on any topics including English, medical knowledge, health, food, living, etc. may help in some or the other way.



By purchasing this personal hygiene kit you will be providing a child with a package of personal hygiene products, which include items like: tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, shampoo, comb/hair brush, etc... When more personal hygiene kits are given than a community needs, Angel's Fly High will ensure that your gift will provide and will be used to meet additional needs for those in need.

We see starving babies and children from third world countries all over the world on Television. We see the despair and pain in their eyes, and we think, “That’s so very far away.” We never believe that that kind of hunger or need exists. Eighty percent of babies born to low-income families, homeless, or with no family. The help for infants and toddlers are much needed. If you can give diapers, Dresses, Pants, Skirts, Tops, Jackets, Bodysuits, or whatever you give is truly a gift. 


Donate new or used items to Children and Young Adults.



Angel's Fly High

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