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me to be Inspired by life's frustration up and downs, came about the prayer of Jabez asking God to enlarge her territory knew then it was only he that can change her life, and he did, and from their singing and lifting up the name of Jesus, He's been more than a friend, he's been her companion.  The prayer of Jabez her first single was nominated in the Newsom Hall of Fame in Baltimore, Best Female Gospel Artist. After more singing from here to there, God's grace 12 songs written and produced by Stephanie was released in 2010. God's Grace has really reached thousands, being supported right here in South Florida on W.M.B.M 1490 Gospel Station 94.1 WTYS. After recording and producing went to attend Voices of Victory Bible College for one year, receiving two Diploma's in Theological, still being blessed to produce Joy In The City, I Got The Victory released this September 10th supported once again by W.M.B.M. She gives the honor and glory to thee only wise God who's been right here by her side, she is ready for whatever he allows her to do in the Lord. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Angel's Fly High


Stephanie Brinson Nugent



Stephanie Brinson Nugent was born in Miami Florida. Stephanie was raised with two God-fearing parents, Clinnie Brinson Jr. and mother Annie Brinson, were praying was apart of everyday life, she attended the Apostolic Evangelistic Association Inc. under the leadership of seven that started the Ministry along with Dr. GS Smith. She was taught about Jesus Christ and his salvation daily. She received the Holy Spirit at the age of nine, after serving God for years, she later turned her back for some time, knowing the Lord still has his hands on her. At an older age, she came back to the Lord, knowing she was chosen from her mother womb, singing from a young age, play time for her alone with her brothers and sisters was singing and playing church. The church was her lifestyle after life frustrations, trials and tribulations came about a change in one's life. Moving back to Florida she began to work for Dade County School Board. From their to opening up her very own Child Care Center; Candy Land Child Care, later to know it was then for 

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